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Normally Open Diaphragm Valve (NO) (Standard)

Y52 series plastic diaphragm valve has 4 models.

Operating pressure: 1-8bar

Operating temperature: 4-50°C

Fatigue test: 100,000 times

Burst pressure test: ≥ 4 times of max. service pressure

  • Low pressure loss —Y-pattern designed plastic diaphragm valve, with large seat opening and high lift of disc part permits high flow rate at lower pressure loss.
  • Separate Diaphragm Chambers –Separate diaphragm chambers of control chamber and flow stream chamber, the design protects the diaphragm from the flow stream, enhances flexible operation. This allows the diaphragm to be replaced while the system is in service.
  • Long Diaphragm Life – Pre-formed, reinforced rubber diaphragm has high anti-fatigue strength, and long service life.
  • Corrosion Resistant – All internal parts in contact with media are made of composite materials.
  • Wide application — apply to a wide variety of water treatment system.
  • Valve is operated by either hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.


Valve Application:

  • Chemical Injection
  • Deionizers Desalinization
  • Fertilizer Spray Equipment
  • Process Water Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Level Control Systems
  • Detergent and Bleach Handling
  • Water Treatment Systems


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