Filter Media & Ion Exchange Resin

Birm Water Purifier Synthetic Manganese
Birm synthetic manganese works to separate iron from water. by catalyzing the reaction of oxygen and iron compounds in water. Normal water can be used for regeneration as with carbon and anthracite. Service life 1-2 years, depending on water conditions. Received NSF certification from the United States.
Dupont TapTec HCRS SN Cation Resin
Ion Exchange Resins Contains NSF Resin pellets are granular like roe. The color is clear yellow to dark yellow. Resin filter media used to filter tap water for general consumption is called Cation type. ION Exchange Resin absorbing calcium and magnesium. from the water flowing through the resin At the same time, the resin filter releases sodium from the body into the water.
Anthracite A.T.C.
Anthracite is a high quality coal. It has a glossy black appearance, is very shiny, contains approximately 86-97% carbon content, low humidity, the least soluble substance. Anthracite was therefore developed as a water purification agent that removes sediment.
Activated carbon PORTACEL
Activated carbon, ID950 is a filter made from coal. through the incineration process and heat until a filter with a high concentration The filter media looks like flakes or small granules with black size, Mesh Size 8 x 16. To act to trap color, odor, organic matter, chlorine, heavy metals and some toxic substances. Suitable for general use in filtering water Makes water clearer, helps trap color, odor, organic matter, chlorine, heavy metals and some toxins.
Sand & Gravel
Strainer Nozzle



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