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Normally Open Diaphragm Valve (NO) (Standard)

Models of 48 series,51 series,56 series,58series.

  • Stagers are motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve to control operation of diaphragm valve.
  • Simple structure, rotating mechanism adopts self-lubricating material, all enhances its durability.
  • Specific designed for diaphragm valve, one stage can control a multivalve system.
  • Control pressure to the stager, either hydraulic or pneumatic, must be CONSTANT and EQUAL to or GREATER than the system pressure.
  • 48 series stagers can be manually operated if power is not available.

Technical parameters:

  • Max Pressure: 125psi (8bar)
  • Working Temperature: 4-60°C
  • Body Material: Model 48 PA6+GF; Model 51 Brass; Model 56 PPO; Model 58 UPVC
  • Stem Plate: PTFE & Ceramic
  • Control Ports: Model 48: 6; Model 51: 8; Model 58: 16
  • Motor parameters:220VAC, 110VAC
  • Power: 4w

 Application: softening system, filtration system, UF system , deionizer


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