Ultrasonic level meters

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แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • on-contact and continuous level measuring
  • Measuring for versatile fluids and solids like liquids, slurries, powders, granules, pellets, gravel etc
  • High power sensors make it possible to measure as high as 60m height of powders
  • The built-in temperature sensor compensates sound velocity change automatically to assure the accurate measurement
  • Selectable 2-wire looped power or AC/DC power supply, and integral or remote type depending on your applications and installation conditions
  • Provided with amplifying function to keep high signal/noise ratio and function to eliminate the influences from reflection-from-obstruction, UW5000s are used for many challenging applications
  • Outputs of level, distance, volume, difference of two sensors and average of measured values
  • The AC/DC power supply type has maximum 5 points contacts for such applications as pump control
  • RS485 communication equipped with standard function serves for remote data acquisition and remote setting with PC with dedicated software



Water supply, Sewage disposal, River water, Agricultural water,
Silo for Food and Animal feed, Pellet and powder silo for Chemicals and Plastics,
Wood chips and Waste water treatment for Pulp and Paper,
Pure water and ultra-pure water for Semiconductor manufacturing,
Steel, Stone crushing, Mining and Cement,
Affiliated facilities for Power station


Short Specifications

Common Specifications

 Integral typeRemote type
Measuring objectsLiquids, Slurries, Powders, Granules, Gravel
Measuring principleAcoustic wave pulse echo
PurposeNon-contact continuous level measurement with tank top mounting
Measuring range5 to 60m depending on measuring conditions
Process temperature-40 to 80°C-40 to 80°C
Process pressureAtmospheric to 200kPa
OutputsAnalog4 to 20mA DC
(Level, Distance, Volume, Difference of two
sensors, Average of measured values)
Contacts2 Contacts of  SPDT for AC/DC power supply type5 Contacts of  SPDT for AC/DC power supply type
DigitalRS485 MODBUS/RTU mode, 2-wire twist pair
( Screened wires are required for longer wiring)
(depend on conditions)
±0.25% of Max. range
Power supplyAC type: 90 to 260V AC,50/60Hz、Max.10VA
DC type: 12 to 30V DC, Max.10W
2-wire loop powered: 12 to 30V  DC
Protection classIP67 (IEC60529/JIS C0920)Sensor: IP67 (IEC60529/JIS C0920) Converter: IP65 (IEC60529/JIS C0920)
ApprovalIEC Ex: Ex ia IIA T4 (-20 to +70°C )
Attached cable-6m between sensor and converter


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