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  • The sensor of ultrasonic flowmeter UL350 is clamped on just outside of an existing pipe without any piping modification and time consuming installation work.
  • By adopting a DSP and an AD converters, the flow measurement has been speeded up, and the resistance to bubbles has been improved.
  • Because of the noncontact measurement method, the formation of bubbles and the mixture of metallic ion have been completely prevented.
  • Installing the flowmeter does not cause the pressure loss because of no obstacles in the measuring pipe.
  • The ultrasonic flowmeter is not affected by the pressure or conductivity of fluids.
  • Excellent in long-term stability because of no moving part.
  • Providing the following functions: Forward/backward flow rate display, totalizing display, analog output, pulse output, status output.
  • Capable of controlling the flow rate with digital data by RS-485 serial output. (Forward/backward flow rate output, totalizing output, and status output by the Modbus protocol)
  • A multi-drop connecting method has greatly reduced the signal wire.
  • Complied with RoHS. Applying for EMC standards.


Short Specifications

Measuring methodUltrasonic time-flight type
(Ultrasonic path:Reflex mode / V path or Diagonal mode / Z path)
Measuring fluidWhole fluids, but excluding liquids containing high viscosity fluid, a lot of bubbles, and slurry
Measurable fluid sonic velocity range: 1,000 to 2,500m/s
Measurable fluid kinematic viscosity range: 0.3 to 40.0mm²/s
Fluid temperatureUp to 90°C (Surface temperature of piping)
Measurable flow
velocity range
0 to 10 m/s
Flow rangeMax.: 0 to 28100 m³/h (size 1000A)
Min.: 0 to 0.684 m³/h (size 25A)
Accuracy±2% of reading (Flow velocity ≥ 1 m/s, Reynolds number 10,000)
Flow velocity error: ±2 cm/s (Flow velocity<1 m/s)
Measurable piping
Metal tube and resin tube (Carbon steel, stainless steel, PP, PVC, PVDF etc.)
Measurable pipe
(Nominal diameter)
25mm to 1000mm
1) Analog output: 
4 to 20 mA DC
2) Pulse output: 
Open collector output
3) Status output: 
Open collector output
Status 1: Hold output
Status 2: Empty pipe detection
Status 3: Forward or backward flow detection
4) Serial output: 
RS-485 serial output, Modbus protocol
Display16-digit, 2-line alphanumeric LCD (with backlight) and status display LEDs (3 pieces)
Display data: Flow rate, totalizing flow rate, various status
SettingParameter & Low cutoff
Other additional
1) Analog and pulse simulation output function (For loop check)
2) Forward/backward direction measuring function
Power supply100 to 230 V AC 50/60Hz ( 85 to 264 V AC 50/60Hz is acceptable)
Power consumption: 12 VA or less
Converter mounting
Mounted onto the wall or 2 inch pipe
Protection classConverter / IP65 Jet-proof,
Sensor / IP65 Jet-proof (guaranteed with BNC connectors coupled)
Sensor signal cableStandard 10 m (Up to 60 m)


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