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  • Improved bubble resistance and flow measurement
    • The conventional ultrasonic flowmeters used to have difficulties in measuring fluids containing bubbles because the bubbles disturb the propagation of ultrasound waves.
    • The FCA6000 series uses our unique, proven signal processing technology, which makes it possible to measure the flow even when the bubbles contain.
    • Furthermore, by detecting and removing abnormal outputs based on our extensive field experience, bubble resistance has been greatly improved, as well as measurement stability of the flowmeter.
  • Enhanced safety and freedom in layout
    • The flow detector and the control valve in the process fluid part are separated from the measurement and control part, ensuring enhanced protection against liquid leakage as well as greater freedom in layout.
  • Support for a wide flow range
    • The FCA6000 series covers a wide range of flow rate, from a minimum of 2.5 to 25 mL/min up to 1 to 10 L/min.
  • Low power consumption
    • The FCA6000 series consumes less current than existing converters.
  • CE marking
    • Complies with EU EMC, RoHS2, and low voltage requirements
      (EMC standards: EN61326-1: 2013, EN61326-2-3: 2013)
  • High corrosion resistance
    • The UCUF series uses highly corrosion resistant PFA and PTFE for the wetted parts and can be used to handle chemical liquids in the semiconductor and other industries.


Short Specifications

Flow rangeMax. 10 L/min
Min. 200 mL/min
Max. 2 L/min
Min. 2.5 mL/min
Max. 500 mL/min
Min. 50 mL/min
temperature5 to 50 ℃10 to 50 ℃
Controllable differential pressure0.05 to 0.2 MPa
Maximum operating pressure0.3MPa
Process connectionΦ3/8”, Φ1/2”Φ1/4”Φ4mm
Wetted part materialPTFE, PFA
ActuatorHigh resolution stepping motor
Coupling cableMulti-core cable, PVC cover, 5 m (standard)


Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Detector)

flow range
Nominal size4mm6mm10mm4mm6mm4mm6mm
Process connectionΦ3/8”Φ1/2”Φ3/8”Φ1/4”Φ3/8”
AccuracyVelocity 1m/s or larger: ±1% of the reading
Velocity less than 1m/s: less than ±0.01 m/s
temperature10 to 60℃10 to 90℃
Wetted part materialNew PFAPFA
ConstructionJet-proof (IP65)
Coupling cableCoaxial cable×2, PVC cover, 5 m (standard)



Output signalFlow rate signal, Flow rate alarm, Action mode, Pulse output
Input signalFlow set point, Control start/Stop, Totalizer reset, Sensor
Control accuracyFlow rate > 30%FS: ±3% of the target value,
flow rate ≦ 30%FS: 5% of the target value,
response time within 3 seconds
Display2 lines, 16 alphanumeric letters LCD with a backlight
Alarm: red (LED),
status: green (LED)
Indoor use (IP 20 equivalent), panel mount
Power supply24 V DC ±10%



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