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Model : PTS-50 ,PTS-120

หมวดหมู่ : PUMP TACMINA Chemical Injection Systems

แบรนด์ : TACMINA


Model : PTS-50 ,PTS-120


  • Level gauge with simple weighing function
  • Eliminate chemical waste with special tank bottom design and position of suction valve
  • Wide pump space can mount two units (PTS-50/120 only)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Anti-Tip
  • Solution spill prevention
  • Accident prevention via loc options and labeling
  • Pump impingement protection cover shields pump from spills and shock
  • Prevent entry of foreign matter with large diameter suction valve with strainer
  • Ultimate gas lock prevention for sodium hypochlorite injection
  • Special tank bottom design makes it difficult for air bubbles to enter the system to be tough on gas locking


Tank Variations include:

  • PTS-30 (30L)
  • PTS-50 (50L)
  • PTS-120 (120L)



Tank materialPEPEPE
Tank capacity30L50L120L
Weight (tank only)4 kg9 kg15 kg


Corrosion Resistance of tank (40° C or below)

Pumped LiquidConditionType of pump material recommended
Ammonia Water10%VTCE
Hydrochloric acid20%VTCF
Hydrogen Peroxide30% (30°C)VTCF
Sodium hydroxide25%VTCE
Sodium hypochlorite12%ATCF/CL
Poly aluminum chloride (PAC)VTCE
Sulfuric acid40%VTCF
Aluminum sulfateVTCE


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