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The inlet valve on positive displacement pumps alternately opens and closes creating acceleration and deceleration of fluid flow to the pump, causing alternating drops in pressure and pressure spikes in the inlet piping.
Installed at the pump’s inlet, the Inlet Stabilizer acts as an accumulator to store fluid and release it back into the line as needed. Virtually all acceleration head loss is eliminated because the pump draws fluid from the dampener and not the pipeline, avoiding the risk of cavitation and ensuring complete chamber fill on each inlet stroke of the pump.


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Minimizes pressure fluctuations and prevents water hammer pressure spikes.

Eliminates acceleration head loss and cavitation.

Extends pump diaphragm life and protects system components from excess stress, vibration and fatigue.

Smoothes inlet fluid flow and ensures complete pump chamber fill.

Improves accuracy of inlet side gauges.

Exclusively from Blacoh, the J Model air control can be adjusted for positive inlet pressure or negative inlet pressure (suction lift).

Offered in a variety of metal and plastic materials in sizes from 10 cu in (.16L) up to 10 gallon (37.85L).

ATEX and CRN certification on metal models. NSF/ANSI certification on select plastic models. Additional certifications and testing on request.

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