แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • New signal processing has improved anti- bubbles capability of converter.
    • Normally, ultrasonic flowmeter has difficulty in measuring fluid containing bubbles, because the bubbles interfere with ultrasonic signal passage.
    • In virtue of DSP and accumulated field experience, anti-bubbles capability has been remarkably improved.
  • Compact and light weight
    • The detector and the converter are of separate type.
    • Compact and easy wiring because of the plug-in construction of the converter.
  • Coaxial connector
    • General purpose BNC coaxial connector common to existing products
  • Cleared EMC test conforming to EN61326-1: 2006
  • Lead free compatible
  • Optimal measurement because of zero adjustment before suring
  • Measurement of high kinetic viscosity liquids as high as 40mm²/s Ideal detector with clean construction
  • Corrosion resistant and easy installation
  • Accuracy: within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity 1m/s or more
  • Versatile functions including followings
    • Alarm outputs of instantaneous flow rate or fault status output
      Various analog outputs of instantaneous flow rate are selectable


Short Specifications

Applicable detectorsUCUF-04MB, UCUF-04K, UCUF-06K
Measuring fluidLiquids
Fluid temperature10 to 60°C(Consult us about 61°C or more.)
Fluid sound speed1000 to 2200m/s
Fluid kinematic viscosity0.3 to 40mm²/s
Flow rangeMin.: 0 to 0.05 L/min, Max.: 0 to 8.0 L/min
InputMin.: 0 to 0.05 L/min, Max.: 0 to 8.0 L/min
Pulse outputEither frequency pulse output or fault output is selectable
·Frequency pulse output
 Open collector pulse
 Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
 Pulse width: Duty 1 : 1
 Pulse rate: 0 to 1000Hz (Full scale)

·FAULT output (Output will be made if abnormalities occur in converter or detector.)
 Open collector pulse
 Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
Alarm outputHigh or Low alarm (2 points)
Open collector pulse
Load rating: Within DC30V, 15mA
Current outputDC4 to 20mA Load resistance: Within 500Ω
Low flow cutoff0 to 25 %F.S.
RS485 communication function, Protocol: MODBUS
Up to 32 units can be connected
Power supply24V DC ± 10 %, 110mA or lower
EnclosureIP20 (Indoor use)
InstallationDIN rail installation



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