แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Intensified bubble resistivity
  • Compact and light weight construction-detector and converter are of separate type
  • Easy-to-wire converter with plug-in connection
  • General purpose BNC connector common to existing products
  • Easy and simple parameter setting corresponding to measuring liquids
  • Ideal detector with clean construction
  • Corrosion resistant and easy-to-install detector
  • Measurement of high kinematic viscosity liquids as high as 40mm²/s
  • Accuracy is within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity l m/s or more
  • Versatile indication modes and output functions
  • Cleared EMC test: 
    • EMI/EN55011: 2007 (Group1, Class A)
    • EMS/EN61326: 2006
  • ROHS compatible

Applications in combination with UCUF series flowmeters

Flow supervision of pure water, ultra-pure water and chemicals for the cleaning and CMP equipment for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing processes.


Short Specifications

Applicable detectorsUCUF-04MB, 04PB, 04K, 06PB, 06K, 10K, 15K, 20K
Measurable fluidLiquids
Fluid temperature10 to 60°C
Fluid sound speed1000 to 2200 m/s
Fluid kinematic viscosity0.3 to 40 mm²/s, however the one for UCUF-03 is 0.8 to 2mm²/s. 
Flow  rangeMin. 0 to 0.05 L/min,  Max. 0 to 80.0 L/min
InputDetector signal via exclusive cable with BNC connector.
OutputEither frequency pulse output or fault output is selectable
Open collector
· Frequency pulse output
· Totalized pulse output
· FAULT output(output if abnormality occurs in converters or detectors)
High or Low alarm (2 points): Open collector
4 to 20mA DC (0 to 10V DC and 0 to 5V DC as an option )
Low flow cutoff0 to 25% Full Scale
LinearizerAutomatic or manual (Max. 20 line-segment approximation) available
CommunicationRS485 communication, Protocol: MODBUS, Max. 32 of flowmeters can be connected
Power supply24V DC±10%, 100mA (Inrush current: 1.0A/2ms)
Enclosure classificationIP20 (Indoor use)
InstallationDIN rail installation


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