แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Cost effective flow control system
  • Space saving;
    • Flow sensor and control valve are integrated. This saves piping space.
    • DIN 24 x 48 size Controller saves panel space.
  • Full open/close type valve is adopted, and can be used as Shut-off valve which has been indispensable.
  • Drain out of line fluid by air purging possible
  • Lead-free solder has become reality.
  • High reliability of electronics
  • EMC Compatible standard: EN61326-1

System diagram (Typical)


Recommended Applications

Continuous and stable feeding of cooling water for;

  • Semiconductor / FPD plants and machinery
  • Chiller units for air-conditioning
  • Others


Short Specifications

Connection size1/43/8
Measuring fluidsCooling water or low viscosity liquids (2mPa·s or less)
Anticorrosive liquid
Fluid temperature0 to 60°C (Without freezing)
Resisting pressure0.5MPa
(1.0MPa is also available. Consult factory separately)
Controllable differential
0.2 to 0.4MPa
Control flow rate range0.4 to 2 L/min0.5 to 5 L/min1 to 10 L/min
Cv value0.10.30.6
Full open and
close time
Approx. 5 sec.
Response timeApprox. 5 sec.
Type of flowmeterAxial flow wheel type (TW-090 series)
Body: SCS14
Valve: SCS14
Valve spindle: SUS316
Wheel: Ferrite + Nylon 12
Ball: ZrO2
Shaft: ZrO2+PBT
Whirlpool guide: PBT
O-ring: Fluororubber
Piping connectionRc1/4Rc3/8
Output of flowmeterOpen collector pulse DC24V 15mA
Power supplyValve part: DC24V 700mA
Flowmeter: DC24V 50mA
ConstructionValve part: Equivalent to IP54 (Except air hole)
Flowmeter: Equivalent to IP65
Ambient temperature
and humidity
0 to 50°C / 85%RH (Without freezing)
Wiring connectionConnection with a specification electric wire


Controller (FCA-100)

InputFlow sensor: Open collector pulse
External setup signal: DC4 to 20mA , DC1 to 5V , DC0 to 10V
Main indication5 digit, 7segment LED indication for flow rate or setup, etc.
Status display3 points LED Alarm indication 2 points(Red)
Control indication 1 point(Green)
OutputFlow rate signal: DC4 to 20mA, DC1 to 5V, DC0 to 10V
Accuracy: ±1% F.S.
Alarm: Open collector 2 points
Abnormal output of valve: Open collector 1 point
Front panel4 buttons
"MODE", "Horizontal movement", "Vertical movement", "ENT."
Power supplyDC24V±10%
ConstructionPanel for operation: Weatherproof(Equivalent to IP54)



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