แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Cone-roof tanks
  • Floating-roof tanks for crude oil
  • LPG tanks with pressure
  • Tanks for refinery and others.
  • No transmission error with resolution of 1 mm thanks to digital transmission
  • High reliability and conversion accuracy with ± 1mm
  • Easy calibration by using an in-house counter for transmitter monitoring
  • Easy expansion and replacement because of compatibility with the existing other TOKYO KEISO's level transmitters
  • Connectable to the existing spot type and multipoint averaging temperature sensors
  • Remote monitoring and control in combination with TOKYO KEISO's digital tank data receiving instruments.
  • Continuous power supply 85 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz for AC types
  • Flameproof construction complying with TIIS d2G4 is standardized for all models
  • Lightning protection circuit with much more increased safety than existing models is provided as standard


Short Specifications

Old ModelDM4-1DM4-2DM4-3
Communication type1-way2-way1-way
Applicable level gauges1) FT-1000 series Spring balance type
2) FT-2000 series Servo balance type
3) FW-2200 series All wire servo balance type
4) FP-1000 series Magnet float type
5) Other manufacturers' tank side level gauges. Couplings are available.
Connectable receivers
as examples
1) CATAMS Tank monitoring system
2) NMR5000 series
3) DIR-530 series


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