Servo-balancing type tank gauges

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  • For bonded tanks
  • For LPG, LNG, Petroleum, Fuels, Water supply and Sewage systems, Chemicals, Power Plants, Food and Beverages.
  • For versatile applications such as various kinds of liquid measurement, 2-liquids interface, a-point-measurement of liquid density, multi-points measurement of liquid density for profile presentation.



Those items marked as ■ are added or improved features from ex-isting models.

■ For bonded tanks
The increased noise resistivity and lightening protection assure you reliable operation as complying with superb level 4 or more stipulated in IEC61000-4,5.
■ Having the same dimensions and materials as existing models, FW9000NN is compatible to Japanese explosion-proof requirements and is interchangeable with existing FW-9000 to make replacement easy.
■ Parameters can be set without opening housing with 4 magnet sensors attached to the indicating windows.
■ Compatible with wide range of power supply from 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz.
■ Power source of 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz is acceptable
■ Standard 2 sizes of measuring drums cover wide measuring ranges from small to gigantic tanks

  • Complying with RoHS requirements.
  • Eco-friendly low power consumption as small as Max. 25VA.
  • Covers high design pressure up to 3.0 MPa.
  • Electronic circuits are installed in the electric compartment which is completely isolated from drum compartment.
  • Can be connected to the existing spot type and multipoint aver-aging temperature sensors.
  • Precision stepping motor control with micro processor has real-ized amagingly accurate measurement.
  • Highly reliable operation with powerful self-diagnosis functions (SIL2).
  • High durability with non-contact type balancer without using slip ring.
  • In has addition to the high-speed serial data communication, FW9000NN have various communication tools which are com-patible to TOKYO KEISO's existing well-established transmitters. Therefore, FW-9000NN serves with ease for your renovation and replacement of the existing tank monitoring system.
  • In combination with DIR110NN series, Max. 6 contact signals transmitted between field and control room. Monitoring and con-trol of equipments around the tank yard are also possible in addi-tion to liquid level measurement.
  • 4 to 20 mA signals such as pressure signal can be digitalized and retransmitted
  • Analog 4 to 20mA signals such as level and temperature can be output additionally to meet with high speed data processing car-ried by host computers.


Short Specifications

Liquid level
detection methods
Digital controlled electric servo balancing type consisting of small size displacer, measuring wire and wire drum
Measuring rangeMaximu: 60m
TemperatureLiquid: -200 to +300°C
Ambient: -20 to +55°C (Temperature of main body)

However, the liquid and the moisture inside the wire drum room shall not freeze over, nor adhere.
*Not suitable for the use environment where the mass of displacer changes.
PressureMax: 3MPa
(1) Liquid level measurement
(2) Interface measurement In case of density difference of 0.2g/cm³
(3) Density measurement: ±0.005g/cm³
*Under reference conditions.
3", 4", 5", 6" JIS5K/10K/20K/30KRF, ANSI150/300,
JPI150/300 Flange connection
Displacer guidingStand pipe method as standard,
Non-guiding and guide wire methods as an option


Mechanical specifications

a. Temperature: Pt100Ω spot temp. sensor, Average temp. sensor, Multi-spot average temp. senor
b. Analog signal: 4 to 20mA DC 1point. Conversion accuracy ±0.5% F.S.
a. Serial data output to control room
b. Serial data output to explosion-proof tank side receiver
c. Contact outputs Numbers of contacts: 2 Combination: SPST (1a or 1b)
d. Analog outputs: 2 points of 4 to 20mADC for level and temperature
Presentation2 indication parts by LCD
EnclosureWater-tight (FW9□□□NNW) or Flameproof Exd II CT6 (FW9□□□NNE)
Power supplyAC100 to 240V、50/60Hz
ConsumptionMaximum 25VA



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