Magnetostrictive Level Meter

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  • high-accuracy, high-resolution level measurements.
  • level of various liquids is output as a 2-wire, 4–20 mA DC.
  • HART communication function comes as standard.
  • can also be used in corrosive liquids and pressurized or vacuum tanks.


Short Specifications

Measuring objectliquids
Measurement range250 to 7,500 mm
 Max. 4,000 mm with a rigid pipe
 Max. 7,500 mm with a flexible tube
Pressure classJIS5K to JIS20K, ASME#150 to ASME#300
Liquid temperature−40℃ to +125℃
Accuracy±0.05% F.S. or ±1.0 mm, whichever is larger
Process connection
Tank top flange: 
50A (2") or larger
Outer chamber flange: 
20A (3/4") or larger
Inner chamber flange: 
80A (3") or larger See Figures 3 and 4 for details.
2.5S to 6.5S
Outputto 20 mA DC (2-wire), HART (Rev.7, only for Ch1)
Power supply12 to 40 V DC


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