Float type level switches

แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Wide selection range for temperature and pressure.
  • Variety of material selection for displacer, spring and chambers for suitable anticorrosive capability.
  • Perfect isolation between pressurized part and electric compartment by magnetic coupling for high reliability and safety.
  • In addition to watertight construction, pressure tight and intrinsically safe versions are ready to meet hazardous application.
    Especially, pressure tight flameproof suitable for Hydrogen atmospher (Ex dIIC T6) is available which eliminates the necessity of safety barriers.



  • Fuel oil tank level control
  • Process control for petrochemical plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Other liquid level control


Short Specifications

Measuring theoryBy spring balanced displacer
Measuring objectAll types of liquids (Viscosity: Max. 600 mPa·s. Liquid without sticking, crystallization, or freezing)
Level measurement: Density 0.45 g/cm³ or more
Interface measurement: Density difference of 0.2 g/cm³ or more
*Number of points for alarm: 1 point
Pressure rangeFull vacuum to 4.9 MPa
Temperature range-60 to +400℃
(Upto -196°C on request. Consult factory for details)
Process connection
Tank top: 
3" flanges (4" for low density)
Tank side chamber: 
1" flange
(1): Water tight construction: equiv. to IP 65
(2): Flameproof construction: Ex d IIC T6
(CENELEC certified available)
(3): Intrinsically safe construction: Ex ia IIC T6
(EB3C intrinsically safe relay barrier is to be used.)
Liquid and vapor contact part: 
SUS304, SUS316
SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L (Option: UNS N10276, TP340)
Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Vortex gasket
Aluminum alloy
Other material on request
Alarm contacts
Number of point: 
Max. 4 points
Applicable alarm of interface detection is 1 point
Type of switch: 
1 x SPDT Microswitch
2 x SPDT Microswitch
Hermetically sealed microswitch
Accuracy・Accuracy: ±10mm (Density 1.0g/cm³)
・Repeatability: ±5mm (Density 1.0g/cm³)
・Reset span: Max.40mm (Density 1.0g/cm³)
*For level detection with water (AMB, ATM).


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