Float type level switches

แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



Short Specifications

Measuring objectLiquid level or interface of two different liquids
Density rangeLiquid level Min. 0.35g/cm³
Two liquid interface (Min. Diff.) 0.2g/cm³
Op. pressureMax. 4MPa(within flange rating)
Option. Max. 7MPa
Op. temperature-170 to -20°C: With long fin
-20 to 150 °C: Without fin
150 to 200 °C: With alminum fin
200 to 300 °C: With long fin
300 to 400 °C: With long fin and special switch
Process connectionStd. 3" flanges
JIS5K, JIS10K, JIS20K, JPI#150, JPI#300, ANSI#150, ANSI#300

External chambers
1" flanges: JIS10K, JIS20K, JPI#150, JPI#300, ANSI#150, ANSI#300
1"SW, Rc1
Enclosure1) Weather proof (Equiv. to IP65)
2) Flameproof (Exd II CT6)
3) Intrinsically Safe (TIIS i3nG5) (Safety relay (EB3C) will be provided.)
Alarm contactsStandard: SPDT microswitch
Opt.: SPDT × 2 microswitch
Contact capacity: AC250V, 5A / DC125V, 0.4A
Repeatability error: Less than 10mm
MaterialFloat: SUS316L
Rod: SUS316(Option: SUS316L)
Flange: SUS304 or SUS316(Option: SUS316L)
Housing: Aluminum alloy
Exrernal chambers: CS, SUS304 or SUS316(Option: SUS316L)


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