Digital tank system

แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Supports various tank gauge communication formats, allowing up to 32 tank gauge transmitters to be connected for two-way communication, or 16 transmitters for one-way communication.
  • The IFX30000 can connect up to 16 transmitters, enabling flexible system configuration depending on the number of tanks.
  • More compact and lighter design with lower power consumption and high temperature resistance.
  • Uses the same communication board as the NMR5000 tank data receiver.
  • Easier to replace the board, making maintenance much easier.


Short Specifications

Connection capacity
Two-way communication: 
Up to 32 transmitters
One-way communication: 
Up to 16 transmitters
Two-way communication(Other companyformat): 
Up to 20 transmitters
ConnectableDM4N series, FW9000NN series, etc.
Host communicationLAN 2ch.
RS-232C, RS-485, USB type C
Max. 2ch.
Power supply ∕
Power consumption
DC24V ±5% ∕ Approx. 0.35A
Ambient temperature0 to 50°C
External dimensions151 (W) × 61 (H) × 200 (D) mm
MassApprox. 0.8kg


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