Digital tank system

แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • DIR-530 has 2 of 4 to 20mA outputs and 2 of alarm relay outputs when used as one tank monitoring
  • DIR-530 receives Max. 4 transmitters with 2- wire system common to power and single direction digital transmission
  • DIR-530 receives Max. 16 transmitters with 2 separate wirings of power and bi-direction digital transmission
  • DIR-530 is connected to supervisory systems such as personal computer, DCS and sequencer via pre-installed serial and parallel communication ports, RS-232C or RS-485 with Modbus-RTU
  • DIR-530 is interchangeable with the current 1 tank receiving instrument i.e. TOKYO KEISO's DIR-200 and DIR-400 receivers, except alarm reset input of DIR-200. It makes your factory renovation easier.
  • DIR-530 indicates the operating status of itself as well as level and temperature at the same time
  • All operation parameters are set from menu selection through three key switches
  • Compact 96 x 96 mm size


Short Specifications

Connectable tanksMax. 16 per multi-monitor
Connectable transmittersTOKYO KEISO’s single direction type
IndicationRed LED
Tank No.: 
1 digit
6 digits Signal from FW-9000 is indicated in unit of 0.1mm
Temperature in °C: 
4 digits with one place of decimal
2 digits
Indicates tank alarm/error/displacer status by symbols during level indication

24 pieces of LED
Indicates operation mode/displacer status/alarm status during level indication
Key operation: 
Key specifications: 
Membrane type with 8mm in diameter
Host interfaceRS-232C or RS-485
Power supply85 to 250V AC, 50/60Hz
InstallationPanel mount


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