Super DIR-M3200/M8000


Instruments for control room

แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


The multi monitor can be mixture connection SPT-3500N type tank gauge and each level, temperature and pressure sensor of 4-20mA output sensors.


Improvement of expression ability by adoption color LCD display and on all tank data display.
Using fixed software corresponding to all tankers. Accordingly I realized ministry space / ministry cost.


Specification of Super DIR-M3200

  • Maximum input sensor: 32 sets
    a) 16 sets SPT-3500N + 16sets 4-20mA sensors
    b) 32 sets SPT-3500N or 4-20mA sensors
  • Using color LCD display with touch panel
  • All in one monitoring system equipment
  • Same size for replacement of DIR-M1600


Specification of Super DIR-M8000

  • Maximum input sensor: 80 sets
    • (32 sets SPT-3500N + 48 sets 4-20mA sensors)
  • Separate an interface unit and color LCD display unit
  • Using 2 size color LCD display with touch panel
    • (10.4 inch and 19 inch / Mixture connection)


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