แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Lightweight, compact design; mountable on fillers
    • 189 × 333 × 59.5 mm / 2.8 to 2.9 kg
  • Measuring mass flow rate
    • Directly measures the mass flow rate of liquids.
  • Measuring low-conductivity liquids
    • Measures the flow rate of oil, pure water, molasses, and other low-conductivity liquids.
    • Suitable for filling processes that are difficult for electromagnetic flowmeters to measure.
  • Excellent resistance
    • The fully-sealed structure withstands cleaning and high humidity.
    • The perfect weld without any openings keeps out water and moisture.
  • High resolution and accuracy with high-speed pulse outputs A setting


Short Specifications

Measuring objectLiquid
Measuring principleCoriolis force
Fluid Temperature0 to +100°C
Pressure0Pa(abs) to 4MPa (for the measuring tube only)
Size/Flow range
Meter sizeRecommended
filling flow rate (g/sec)
Minimum filling
volume (g)
Minimum filling
time (sec)
10mm15 to 370231.5
15mm50 to 1200751.5
Process connectionSanitary fittings
1" ISO2852 ferrule (equiv. to IDF ferrule)
1/2" Tri Clover clamp
MaterialsWetted part: SS316L
Housing: SS316
Accuracy±0.15% of reading (see the next page for details)
Conditions: water, 20°C , and 0.1 MPa (accredited by UKAS EN17025)
Repeatability: depending on the fi lling time
OutputOpen collector pulse
Power supply24 V DC ±20%
EnclosureIP67(IEC 60529/NEMA6)



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