BF-2000S, BF-4000S & BRX-700 Series


แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


This equipment is a flow measuring system for measuring the amount of blow-by gas that leaks into the crankcase from the gap between the cylinder and piston, of reciprocating motion type internal combustion engines such as those used in automobiles.

In recent years, blow-by gas rates have been receiving much attention as data for performance evaluations during engine development, product quality assurance of mass produced engines, evaluations of abrasion and wear in piston related components during engine bench endurance tests, endurance checks of vehicle engines, and performance evaluations of lubricants during engine bench tests. In order to collect and measure such important data easily, conveniently, and with high accuracy, the blow-by gas flowmeter has been developed, based on the thermal flowmeter “TH series Thermal Mass Flowmeter” having long years of experience and reliability.

In addition to the advantages of our conventional products, such as mass flow measurement with high durability, and small pressure loss, the flow measurement even with higher accuracy and reliability is made possible, with the addition of a large capacity drain tank, incorporation of an integrated surge tank, and a structural change of the internal piping of the equipment, reducing the amount of drain accumulation which may hinder the flow measurement.
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