RF-1000 (RR-5000B Converter)


แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Measuring Mass Flow
    • Models TH-1700/1800 flowmeter measurement (shown in standard conditions) is not affected by any change of the pressure of the gas based on its measuring principle. large gas temperature fluctuation may only affect negligibly small deviation of its output that can be compensated by adding temperature measuring sensor.
  • High Accuracy
    • Model TH-1700 and 1800 flow meters provide accuracy of ± 1% of reading value for flow range from 5% through 100% F.S.
  • Minute Flow Measurement
    • Accuracy of ± 1% of reading value is achievable for minute flow, minimal flow to 0.2Nl/min.
  • Wide Rangeability
    • Line-up of meters of five (5) nominal sizes, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 50mm, cover flow ranges from 0.2 Nl/min. through 4050 Nl/min.
  • Low Pressure Drop
    • Pressure drop generated by model TH-1700-CNG is equivalent to that of straight pipe. For model TH-1800-CNG that is provided with integrated flow straightener, pressure drop may reach 850mmH2O at maximum.
  • Easy to Follow Variety of CNG Composition
    • CNG composition change can easily be programmed into the convertor for five (5) components, each with 1Vol.% division.
  • Availability of Measurement of Low Pressure Gas
    • Measurement is available for gas pressure from 0 to 10 kgf/cm²G
  • Durable Construction
    • Meters are not subjected to deterioration due to wearing, etc., since there is no moving part inside of the meters. No periodical maintenance nor calibration may be required for its simple mechanical construction.
  • · Multi-functional Convertor
    • The convertor is available to output and indicate Flow Rate, Integrated Flow, Integrated Flow for a gated time duration, time duration for a gated flow rate and Alarms, etc. A variety of output signals provides easy data communication to management com puters. A variety of setting capability provides measurements to satisfy the test requirements.

System Configration

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