แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • · Free configuration either flow collection or distribution:
    • Either flow collection from flowmeters into manifold or distribution from manifold to flowmeters is selectable.
  • · Free combination with variations:
    • Flowmeters or through-plugs can be selected freely.
    • Both flow collection and distribution system can be integrated into one block of manifold with a partition.
  • · Easy extension, rearrangement, and replacement:
    • Rearrangement and extension of system are at customers’discretion in selecting various attachments, changing flow direction and selection of flow divergences, etc.


  • Space-saving cooling unit
  • Cooling lines for semi-conductor production equipment
  • Cooling lines of metal mold


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidWater or liquid equivalent to water
Flow range0.6 to 3 L/min.
0.75 to 5 L/min.
1 to 10 L/min.
2 to 20 L/min.
Fluid PressureMax. 1.0MPa
Fluid Temperature0 to 120 °C [Max. 80 °C for NBR (standard packing)]
Process connectionRc3/4 thread
Power Supply/
W-2□1□: DC5 to 18V, 12mA / Open collector pulse
W-2□3□: DC24V±10%, 50mA / DC4 to 20mA
MaterialBody: SCS14 or SUS304
Wheel: PPS(Magnet mold)
Shaft: Quarz glass
Window: Poly-carbonate
O ring: NBR, FPM
Combination with
MU-1000 and Indicators
W-2□1□/Open collector pulse: IR1600, RR930N, RR940N
W-2□3□/DC4 to 20mA: IR4600


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