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CX-1500 FLOW SET VALVE is a constant flow valve for gases.
Outlet pressure of process changes, CX-1500 maintains constant flow of gases.

CX-1500 is suitable for stable and continuous air purging at water treatment facilities.


Short Specifications

FluidsAir, Nitrogen, and other gases
Fluid pressureMax. 1.2MPa
Control differential
pressure range
15 to 80A: 4.9 to 44 kPa
100A or more: 10 to 44 kPa
Fluid temperatureMax. 100°C
Available size15mm to 150mm
Process connection15A to 150A: JIS10K Flange
15A to 50: Rc thread, NPT thread,
Flow settingFixed
Possible setting rangeMax. 600 to 1000m³/h (nor) (150mm)
Min. 5 to 13m³/h (nor) (15mm)
*Calibration condition Air, 20 °C, 49 kPa
Control accracy±5% (Against set value)
MaterialsBody: SUS304, SUS316
Flange: SUS304, SUS316
Internals: SUS304, SUS316


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