แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Easy installation by welding a 20 mm, 3/4 inch socket on exist ing piping for insertion of CDT3000
  • Simultaneous measurement of both flow and temperature saves your installation cost
  • Negligible small pressure loss
  • Selectable from wide variety of flow meter ranges suitable for your applications
  • Applicable for both horizontal and vertical pipes
  • By inputting temperature signal on the fluid feed line it allows thermal flow measurement and totalized calorie calculation to serve as a calorie monitor for your energy conservation
  • Easy to read with a large LCD display


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidWater, Cold Water, Hot water
Flow RangeMax. 150 to 1500 m³/h
Min. 0.9 to 9 m³/h
Fluid PressureMax. 2.0MPa
(Max. allowable differential pressure: 700kPa)
Fluid Temperature-10 to 80°C
Pipe size200mm to 450mm
Process ConnectionR3/4 Male
Power Supply/
DC24V±10% /
Current output
Pulse output
Alarm output
MaterialPitot tube: SUS316
Isolation valve: SCS14
Body: SUS316
Diaphragm: SUS316L
O-ring: NBR
Accuracy±5% F.S.
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