แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Wide range of process connection for high flow rate
    • Connections of 25mm to 80mm are available. They are useful with the extensive use in Air and Nitrogen supply lines etc.
  • Simultaneous indication of flow rate and totalization
    • Large two-line LCD is provided.
  • Mass flow measurement
    • Flow measurement is not influenced by the change in pressure and temperature.
  • Whole quantity passage detection system
    • Pressure loss is very small.
  • Selection up to six scale ranges can be made.
    • Up to 6 scale ranges can be preset using keys.


Short Specifications

FluidAir and Nitrogen
Scale rangeMin. 0 to 80m³/h(nor)
Max. 0 to 1500m³/h(nor)
Gas press.-0.07 to 1.0MPa
Gas temp. Ambient temp.0 to 50 °C
AccuracyFlow rate: ±2%F.S. ±1dig
Totalizaation: ±2.1%F.S.
Totalizing count: 60 to 18000c/h
Process connectionRc Female screw, JIS10K flange
MaterialTube: SUS316, SUS304
OutputCurrent, Pulse, Flow rate alarm
Power supplyDC24V (DC22V to 27V)


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