แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Direct mass flow measurement by Thermal Theory free from change of pressure and temperature.
  • Max. 50mm size and 0 - 16000L/min.(nor.) Air/Nitrogen.
  • Light weight even for 50mm size thanks to Aluminum body.
  • LED indication.
  • Adjustable flow alarm.
  • Analog output + Open collector + RS485


Short Specifications

Measuring objectAir, N2
Flow range0 - 4000L/min.(nor) (for meter size 25)
0 - 8000L/min.(nor) (for meter size 40)
0 -16000L/min.(nor) (for meter size 50)
Fluid pressure0.1 to 1.0MPa
Fluid temperature0 to 60 °C (No condensation)
Process connectionRc1, Rc1.1/2, & Rc2 (Depending on model)
MaterialBody: Aluminum A6061-T6 or SCS13
Sensor: SUS316, Glass, Platinum-iridium
Seal: Fluororubber and NBR
IndicationBy 5 digits, Red LED (7 segments)
Flow rate, Totalization, Alarm, Set value, and Error
DC4 - 20mA or DC0 - 5V: 
Flow rate
Open collector: 
Scaled pulse or alarm status
Data and address
AccuracyIndication: ±2.0%F.S.±1dig
Analog output: ±2.0%F.S.
Totalization: 0.2 to 10.0%F.S. x min/pulse
Rangiability1:20 (Low flow cutoff: 2.5% F.S.)
Power supplyDC12 to 24V, Max.200mA
CE markingConformity (rotating indicator type only)


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