แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


  • Covers very low flow rates of 0.6 to 3 L/h
  • 2-wire 4 to 20 mA DC output
  • Magnetic field sensor detects the float movement with electronics to eliminate hysteresis. High accuracy and repeatability have been achieved
  • Easy- to- read digital LED display
  • No liquid dampers are needed even for gas measurement applications
  • Ex d IIC T6 flame proof construction suitable even for Hydrogen atmosphere


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidLiquids and Gases
Viscosity limit for liquid flow measurement (Free from solids and particles)
Meter size 1/2 Viscosity (Max.) 2.0mPa·s
Meter size 3/4, 1 Viscosity (Max.) 5.0mPa·s
Measureing rangeLiquid (Water) *Measuring range is subject to liquid viscosity.
 Max. 60 to 600 L/h
 Min. 0.6 to 3 L/h

Gas (Air, 0°C, 1atm)
 Max. 2.2 to 22 m³/h (nor)
 Min. 10 to 100 L/h (nor)
Fluid temperature0 to 120°C
Fluid pressureMax. 2.94MPa
High pressure type19.6MPa *Material of high pressure type is SUS 316.
Allowable pressure is subject to the flange rating when the connection is flange type.
MaterialBody: SCS14
Tapered tube: SUS316
Float: SUS316
PPS resin / Titanium will be used for 1/2" meter size, and PPS resin / SUS316 will be used for 3/4 and 1" meter sizes in gas measurement applications.
Process connectionScrew (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1")
JIS10KFF flange (10A, 15A, 20A, or 25A)
Opt. NPT or other screw
*Other flanges than JIS10KFF
(Indication and output)
10 L/h or more of F.S. (water) ±2%F.S.
Less than 10 L/h of F.S. (water) ±3%F.S.
100 L/h (nor) or more of F.S. (air) ±2%F.S.
Range ability10:1 (Accuracy guranteed range)
*Range ability of the meter with the full scale range smaller than 5L/min (water)is 10:2.
*It may differ depending on the liquid viscosity.
Output signal4 to 20 mA DC (2-wire system)
Allowable load resistance: 600Ω or less (at 24 V DC, including wiring resistance)
Power source24 V DC ±10% (Operating voltage range: 12 to 33 V DC)
IndicationUpper (main display): Four digits for measurements and error codes
Lower (sub display): Five digits for supplementary information
Ex d IIC T6 (TIIS-certified)
Ex d IIC T6 Gb (NEPSI-certified)
Ex d IIC T6 (KOSHA-certified)


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