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  • Easy installation
    • No straight both for upstream and downstream is required for process installation. No utility supply is needed.
  • Cost effectiveness
    • The pure mechanical construction offers most cost effective flowmeasurement.
  • Direct observation of measuring fluid
    • In addition to flow rate measurement, the measurement fluids are directly observed for better process fluid quality control.
  • Wide material selection
    • Besides the standard metallic material, resins and/or lining materials are available for corrosive fluids.


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidAll kinds of liquids and gases
(Not suitable for steam measurement)
Flow rangeLiquids (Water at 20°C )
 Max. 5,200 to 52,000L/h
 Min. 0.9 to 9L/h

Gases (Air at 0°C , 0MPa)
 Max. 100 to 1000m³/h(nor)
 Min. 0.015 to 0.15m³/h(nor)
*Depending on the fluid and the float material
Meter size10A to 100A
Fluid temperatureMax. 120°C (Depending on the meter material)
Allowable thermal shock: 80°C
Fuluid PressureMax. 1.2MPa for 10A
Max. 1.0MPa for 15A
Max. 0.8MPa for 20A, 25A
Max. 0.6MPa for 40A, 50A, 65A
Max. 0.4MPa for 80A, 100A
RatingJIS10K Flange (Option: ANSI, DIN Flange , Rc, NPT Thread)
FC200, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Tapered tube: 
Heat-resistant glass (Option: Acryl)
(For liquids) SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, MA
(For gases) Aluminum, PTFE, PVC, SUS304
Indication Accuracy±1.5%F.S. (Depending on the meter material and the flow rate)
±2.5%F.S. (In cae of resin float)
Range ability10 : 1
Optional productsNot straight through design, Ribbed taperd tube,
Flow adjusting valve Special versions
Relevant productsGlass tube flowmeter for large flow: R-101-E
Glass tube flowmeter with alarm contact: R-700
Glass tube flowmeter for water flow standard scales: NE
Acryl Tube Flowmeters: AC
All Teflon construction flowmeter: AC-T


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