แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


The AM7000/SR series is a variable area flowmeter designed and manufactured for sanitary services.

The ISO ferrule clamps make its installation on the piping or removing easy.

All the liquid wet parts are buff polished. In addition to the reliable local flow indicator with a simple and rigid mechanism, various functions are available including electric transmission, and local integration with pulse or alarm output as well as remote communication as standard.


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidLiquids
Meter Size
Connection Size
15A to 100A
1S to 4.5S
Flow range0.1 to 70 m³/h
Fluid Temperature-20 to 150°C
Fluid PressureMax. 0.68 MPa
Indication accuracy±1.5% F.S
Wetted materialSUS304.SUS316.SUS316L
Function of indicator・Local indication
・Local indication + Electric transmitter
・Local indication + Electric transmitter + HARTRcommunication
・Local indication + Electric transmitter + Local integration +
Pulse output + Alarm output
・Local indication + Alarm output
Explosion proofIntrinsic safety version Ex ia IIC T1 to T6
Flameproof version Ex d IIC T1 to T6


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