แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


Main Applications

  • Monitoring of sealing liquid supply andits stoppage
  • Monitoring of sealing water supply and its stoppage
  • Liquid cultivating medium supply


Short Specifications

Flow rangeMax.5 - 50 L/min
Min.0.3 - 3 L/min
SizeRc3/8, Rc1/2, Rc3/4, Rc1
Flow directionBottom to top, left to right, right to left, top to bottom
Fluid pressureMax. 0.8 MPa
Fluid temperatureMax. 60°C
Body: Aluminum Die-casting
Fitting: SUS304
Tepered tube: Acryl
Float: PPS resin
Spring: SUS316
Seal: NBR
Indication accuracy±5.0% F.S.
Setting accuracy±5.0% F.S.
Alarm pointReed switch 1 point (adjustable)
Alarm reset spanMax.15% of full scale(at 20 to 70% of full scale)



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