แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Light and compact design suitable for assembling onto devices
  • Durability against piping stress
  • Water tight construction
  • Competitive price and short delivery


Recommended applications

  • Sealing water lines
  • Cooling water lines
  • Bio-chemical feeding
  • Other liquid lines


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidWater or low viscosity liquids
Flow rangeMax.10 to 100L/min
Min. 3 to 30L/min
Connection sizeRc1(Option: Rc3/4, Rc1/2)
Flow directionVertical, Horizontal
Fluid temperatureMax. 60°C
Fluid pressureMax. 0.8MPa
Indication Accuracy±5%F.S.
Setting Accuracy±5%F.S.
Alarm reset spanMax.15% of full scale
Alarm pointOne point High/Low, SPST reed switch (UL standard)
Alarm point
Body: SCS14
Tube: Acryl
Float: PPSmagnet
Seal: Fluorine rubber


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