แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


F-740 is a flow switch for liquid lines which is mainly used for flow-cut alarm. (Switch function only. No indication provided)


Short Specifications

Connection size15 mm(1/2") to 150 mm(6")
Measuring fluidLiquid without solids (Viscosity: 5 mPa·s or less)
Fluid pressureMAX.1.4Mpa
Fluid temperture-10 to +80°C
RatingJIS10 KRF, JIS10 KFF, ANSI Class 150, other flanges
Mounting directionHorizontal
Alarm point1 point Low or High, SPDT
Setting accuracy±5% of setting value
EnclosureWater tight, Flame proof (TIIS d2G4) or Intrinsically Safe (TIIS i3nG5)
MaterialBody: FC200, SCS14


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