แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • The indicator part is very small and saves mounting space
  • Available various process connections of “Screw”, “Flange”, and “Wafer” to meet all field possible requirements and for easy pipe installation
  • Applicable for both parallel and vertical pipes
  • Any type can be chosen out of the following: Battery type, Current output type (2-wire 4-20mA DC), and Alarm output type
  • Easy to see because of large LCD display


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidLiquid (equivalent to water) or Gas
Flow rangeLiquids(in case of density: 1.0g/cm³ and viscosity: 1.0mPa·s)
 Max.: 106 to 1060m³/h (Size: 300mm)
 Min.: 0.023 to 0.23m³/h (Size: 15mm )

Gases(in case of temperature: 0°C and pressure: 0MPa)
 Max.: 1720 to 17200m³/h(nor) (Size: 300mm )
 Min.: 0.34 to 3.4m³/h(nor) (Size: 15mm)
Size15A to 300A
Metering tube: 
Carbon Steel or SUS304 or SUS316
Orifice plate: 
SUS304 or SUS316
Isolation valve: 
Body: SCS14
Shaft: SUS316
O ring: NBR or FPM
Diaphragm: SUS316L
Body: SUS316
O ring: FPM
Drain hole seal: Alumina ceramics
Fluid pressureMax. 2MPa
Allowable differential pressure: 200kPa (one-sided)
Process connectionRc1/2 to Rc4 thread, NPT 1/2B to 4B thread
15A to 300A JIS5k/10k/20k FF/RF flange
15A to 300A JIS5k/10k/20k FF/RF wafer
Measuring rangeFlow rate from 10 to 100% of maximum flow rate
Low cutoff: Less than 7%
Fluid temperature-10 ~ 70°C
Indication accuracy±3% F.S
Indication functionFlow rate indication: 3-1/2 digits: 0 to 1,999
Totalizer indication: 7-1/2 digits: 0 to 19,999,999
LCD back light: Continue 10s after operation(Except current output type)
FunctionsBattery type: Local indication / Alkali battery x 2 pcs., Approx. 2 years at 23°C / IP65
Current output type: Local indication + 4-20mA DC (2-wire) / Power supply 24V DC±10% / IP65
Alarm output type: Local indication + Open Collector x 2 / Power supply 24V DC±10% / IP65


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