แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO


Main Applications

  • Economical measurement even for large size lines.
  • Any flow direction of horizontal, vertical including top to bottom possible.
  • No Utility supply needed for local indication.
  • Alarm contact optionally available.


Short Specifications

Measuring objectLiquids(Viscosity: up to 3mPa·s) and Gases
(Not suitable for slurry and steam)
Flow rangeLiquids(in case of density: 1.0g/cm³ and viscosity: 1.0mPa·s)
 Max. 600 to 3000m³/h (Size: 500mm, at DP=60kPa , Stainless float)
 Min. 0.35 to 1.4m³/h (Size: 50mm, at DP=10kPa , Resin float)

Gases(in case of temperature: 0°C and pressure: 0MPa)
 Max. 9000 to 45000m³/h(nor) (Size: 500mm, at DP=20kPa)
 Min. 6.25 to 25m³/h(nor) (Size: 50mm, at DP= 5kPa)
Fluid pressureMax. 1MPa
Fluid temperatureMax. 120°C(Allowable thermal shock 80°C)
Available tapping and sizes
D·D/2 taps: 
100mm to 500mm
Corner taps(with orifice ring): 
50mm to 500mm
Flange taps: 
50mm to 500mm
Vena contracta taps: 
200mm to 500mm
Main orifice: 
SUS304, SUS316
Orifice rings: 
SS400, SUS304, SUS316
Ball valve: 
C3771Be, SCS14A
Bypass piping: 
SGP, SUS304, SUS316
Bypass orifice: 
SUS304, SUS316
Non Asbestos (for liquids)
NBR or FPM (for gases)
SCS14/SS400, SUS304 or SUS316
apered tube: 
Heat-resistant glass
SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L (for liquids)
Alminium, PFA, PVC, SUS304 (for gase)
Indication accuracy±3%F.S.
Alarm functionLocal indication
Local indication with alarm contact(1 or 2 point)


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