แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • High cost performance
    • A large flow through an orifice in the medium to large main pipe can be measured by measuring its small bypass flow at low cost.
  • Any fl ow direction
    • Bottom to top, top to bottom, left to right, right to left are acceptable.
  • Multi functions for various applications
    • Local indication, electric transmitter, local flow integration, pulse output of integrated flow, alarm output and communications are available.
  • HART® communications
  • Explosionproof
    • Certifi ed by TIIS, KOSHA, NEPSI, ATEX and IECEx
  • Protection class of indicator IP67


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidLiquids (Max. viscosity 3 mPa·s) and
Gasses, not suitable for slurry and steam
Flow rangeLiquids (in case of density: 1.0 g/cm³ and viscosity: 1.0 mPa·s)
 Max. 200 to 3000 m³/h (size: 500 mm, at DP = 60 kPa)
 Min. 3 to 25 m³/h (size: 50 mm, at DP = 40 kPa)

Gases (in case of temperature: 0 °C, and 1 atm)
 Max. 4900 to 72000 m³/h (nor) (size: 500 mm, at DP = 60 kPa)
 Min. 80 to 710 m³/h (nor) (size: 50 mm, DP = 40 kPa)
Fluid pressureFor JIS10K class (1.4 MPa at max.120°C, 1.2 MPa at max.200°C)
The maximum allowable pressure is subject to its temperature
Complying with the relevant flange ratings. Consult us for higher pressure services.
Fluid temperature-20°C to 200°C
Pipe sizes and available pressure tapsD・D/2 taps 100 to 500 mm (4 to 20 in.)
Corner taps 50 to 500 mm (2 to 20 in.)
Flange taps 50 to 500 mm (2 to 20 in.)
Vena contracta taps 200 to 500 mm (8 to 20 in.)
Consult us for larger sizes, 550 mm (22 in.) or more
Process connectionJIS 5K, 10K, 20K
ANSI or JPI CLASS 150, 300, Consult us for others.
Main orifice plate: 
SUS304. SUS316
Orifice ring: 
SS400. SUS304. SUS316
Ball valves: 
C3771BE. SCS14A
SGP. SUS304. SUS316
Bypass orifice: 
SUS304. SUS316
Non-asbestos for liquids
NBR for gasses
Flow meter: 
Main section SUS304 or SUS316
Indication accuracy±3 % F.S.


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