แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Easy installation with self- centering mechanism
  • Less than 1/5 of orifice straight runs
  • Low pressure loss compared to orifices
  • Any flow direction acceptable and easy-to-change flow direction at flield
  • Simple construction and easy maintence



  • HVAC(Heating ,ventilation and Air conditioning) system
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Co-generation plants


Short Specifications

Measuring FluidsWater or liquids having equivalent viscosity to water.
Consult Tokyo Keiso about gas measurement.
Flow RangeLiquids(in case of density: 1.0g/cm³ and viscosity: 1.0mPa·s)
 Max.: 18 to 90 m³/h (size: 100A)
 Min.: 0.26 to 1.3 m³/h (size: 25A)
Scale range2 : 10
Fluid pressureMax. 1.0MPa
Fluid temperatureMax. 120°C
ConnectionWafer type
RatingJIS10K/20K, ANSI Class150/300, DIN PN16/40、GB PN1.6/4.0
Meter size25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100(mm)
1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4(inch)
MaterialBody: SCS 14A, Cone: SUS316, Indicator body: SCS14
Scale plate: Polycarbonate, Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Float: Titanium, O-ring: Fluorocarbon rubber
Indication accuracy±3% F.S.


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