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  • Saves energy and space
    • The SFC-010T is more compact than conventional models.
  • High-speed calculation
    • The SFC-010T achieves 10-ms high-speed sampling.
  • Significantly improved resistance to bubbles
    Bubbles contained in liquids interfere with the propagation of ultrasonic waves and can prevent flow measurement.
    Based on proven field experience and state-of-the-art DSP signal processing technology, TOKYO KEISO CO., LTD. Has succeeded in achieving stable measurement by detecting the effect of bubbles from waveforms and then eliminating the abnormal output from the measurement values.
  • Standards
    • Passed the EMC test conforming to EN 61326-1: 2006
    • RoHS compliant
  • Detector
    • Applicable to high-temperature liquids (up to 180°C)
    • Measurable high kinetic viscosity liquids (up to 40 mm²/s)
    • Ideal clean construction
    • High resistance to corrosion and easy installation
  • Converter
    • Zero-point check
      Zero-point adjustment in advance ensures optimal measurement.
    • Parameter setting
      The dedicated configurator software facilitates parameter setting
      (requires RS-485 communication converter).
    • Display
      Flow rate and status are displayed in 7-segment red LED (4digits).



  • Measuring the flow rate of high-temperature chemical liquids in the semiconductor manufacturing process(Contact us about applicable fluids.)
  • Measuring the flow rate of chemical liquids in the supply process(Contact us about applicable fluids.)
  • Measuring micro flow rates


Short Specifications

Measuring ObjectLiquids (No bubbles. PFA-permeable or corrosive liquids are not allowed.)
Flow range0 to 2000 mL/min
Fluid sound speed1000 to 2200 m/s
Fluid kinematic viscosity0.3 to 40.0 mm²/s
Fluid temperature10 to 180°C
Fluid pressure0 to 0.5 MPa
Flow velocity < 1 m/s: 
Flow rate 0.1 to 0.8 L/min
Accuracy ±0.008L/min
Flow velocity ≥ 1 m/s: 
Flow rate 0.8 to 2.0 L/min
Accuracy ±1%
MaterialWetted part (Body · Tube): PFA
Cable fitting: PP
Cable sheath: ETFE (White)
Senser cap: PPS/GF30 (Black)
Process connectionPFA tube end
ConstructionIP65 (indoor use)
Exclusive cable2 coaxial cables attached



OutputAnalog output
4 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 20 mA DC,
1 to 5 V DC, 0 to 5 V DC, 0 to 10 V DC,
Load resistance is less than 500Ω
Alarm output: High/Low 2 points
Rating: Open collector pulse 30 V DC/10 mA
Time constant0.0 to 25.0 sec.
Low cutoff0.0 to 25.0 % F.S.
Display4-digit LED (flow rate and status)
Power supply/
24 V DC ±10 % Consumption current: Approx. 155 mA
InstallationDIN rail installation
ConstructionIP20 equivalent (indoor)


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