แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Enhanced resistance to bubbles
  • Panel-mount type with an indicator.
  • RS-485 MODBUS communication is available.
  • High-viscosity fluids with a kinematic viscosity of up to 40mm²/s
  • Accuracy: Within ±1% of the reading at flow velocity of 1 m/s or more
  • CE Making


Short Specifications

UCUF-04K/06K, UCUF04E/06E, UCUF-04M/06M
UCUF-10K/15K/20K, UCUF-10M/15M/20M
Measuring fluidLiquids
Fluid temperature5 to 90℃
Fluid sound speed400 to 2500 m/s
Fluid kinematic
0.3 to 40 mm²/s
Flow rangeMin. 0 to 0.05 L/min Max. 0 to 80.0 L/min
InputBNC connector ×2(dedicated cable needed)
Pulse outputOpen collector output, load rating: 30V DC, 20mA or less
Frequency pulse output, totalized pulse output, or FAULT output(selectable)

·Frequency pulse output
 Pulse rate max. 1000 Hz (full scale)
 Duty ratio: 1:1

·Totalized pulse output,
 Outputs flow rate unit pulse

·Fault output
 Outputs when abnormality of the converter or detector is in detected.
 NO or NC selectable.
Instantaeous flow rateCurrent output type: 4-20 mA(load resistance: 500Ω or less)
Voltage output type: 0-10V,0-5V or 1-5V(load resistance: 1MΩ or more)
Low flow cutoff0 to 25 % F.S
CommunicationRS485 protocol: MODBUS RTU (Max.32 units can be connected)
Power supply24 VDC±10%
EnclosureIP20 Indoor use
InstallationPanel mounting


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