แบรนด์ : TOKYO KEISO



  • Enhanced resistance to bubbles
    • The bubbles contained in the liquid disturb the propagation of ultrasonic waves and cause an unstable measurement.
    • By making the measuring tube straight the stable measurement has been realized.
  • Low pressure loss
    • The straight measuring tube has a negligible small pressure loss. It keeps a line pressure.
  • Saving space
    • A combined construction of a detector and a converter saves installation space.
  • Complying with
    • Cleared EMC test: EN61326-1: 2013


Short Specifications

Measuring fluidWater
Flow range0 to 8000 mL/min
Fluid temperature10 to 80°C (0 to 50°C Ambient temperature)
Process connection3/8" PFA tube end (Outside diameter Φ 9.53, Inside diameter Φ 6.35)
Accuracy±2% of reading at flow rate 1700 mL/min or more
±34 mL/min at flow rate less than 1700 mL/min
When measuring 20°C water
CableExclusive multi-core cable for UCF006
5 m as standard
Enclosure classificationIP65 equivalent, indoor use


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