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Belt Oil Skimmer

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Grease Grabber Advantages

  • Large, 160 gph, removal capacity
  • High temperature capability
  • Requires only a 28" X 9" (71.12cm x 22.86cm) mounting area
  • Maintains skimming efficiency with fluctuating fluid level
  • Fast set-up, easy cleaning, and minimal maintenance
  • Operates in turbulent liquids (with optional tail pulley, belt cage and tether assembly)
  • Designed for the most demanding conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Lifts skimmed grease up to 100 feet or more
  • Customized belt lengths and materials
  • Belt and wiper materials unaffected by most greases and oils
  • Removable guards and other features make maintenance a breeze


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