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Well Oil Skimmer

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Belt Oil Skimmer Advantages
  • Allows existing monitoring wells to be used as recovery wells
  • Portable can be easily hand-carried from site to site
  • A single unit separates oil and elevates it up to 100 feet without a pump
  • Skims very little water (unlike other skimmers and torpedo pumps)
  • Maintains skimming efficiency with fluctuating water level
  • Tail pulley is tethered to the frame to prevent accidental loss of belt and
  • tail pulley in the well casing
  • Easy mounting, fast cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • Belt materials to fit any application


Belt Oil Skimmer Features

  • Small mounting and operating area
  • Chip resistant-powder coated finish
  • Customized belt lengths and materials
  • Easily mounted on flat surface
  • Belt and wipers impervious to oils and fuels
  • Weighted and tethered tail pulley
  • Fast cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • Can be customized to application needs


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