Type 905


DN 15 - 50 (1/2″ - 2″)


แบรนด์ : SAMSON SED



  • Stainless steel bonnet and plastic hand wheel
  • Rising hand wheel with optical indicator and stroke indicator
  • Sealed bonnet
  • Internal travel stop
  • Locking device
  • Flexible diaphragm suspension
  • Encapsulated diaphragm
  • Stroke limiter optional


Technical specifications

DesignDiaphragm Valve
Stainless steel bonnet and plastic handwheel
Size rangeDN 15 - 50
Diaphragm size
MA 25 - 50
Body materialInvestment cast 1.4435/316L-PFA-Lined
End connection standardsFlange: EN 1092 PN10/16, ANSI Class 125/150
Diaphragm materialEPDM, PTFE, NBR, FPM
Actuator materialPA MXD6-GF, bonnet stanless steel, rising hand wheel
Max. working pressure10 bar (150 PSI)
Temperature range-10 °C to +150 °C, depending on diaphragm and body material
Control functionsManual control



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