Steripur 394


DN 8 - 20 mm (3/8" - 3/4")

แบรนด์ : SAMSON SED



- Two stage stainless steel actuator
- Second position adjustable with reduced flow for filling
- Compact design, the outside diameter of the actuator is the same size as the bonnet flange
- Advantages in multiport bodies and manifold valve assemblies
- Control air connection in flow direction
- CDSA sealing concept
- Flexible diaphragm suspension
- Encapsulated diaphragm
- Clean and polished exterior design ideal for sterile wash downs
- Optical indicator


- Available with a wide range of control equipment and ccessories
- Control air connection 90° to flow direction
- Autoclavable
- Indication of 3 positions with 024.50
- Fine filling adjustment

Technical Data

Control function (Cf.):

Pneumatically operated
Fail safe close (NC): Cf. 1 & 4
At control function NO/DA higher control pressure than required may affect
the lifetime of the working diaphragm.
Direction Control connection:At Cf. 4 in flow direction, standard
At Cf. 1, 90° to flow direction

Max. working pressure:

Unidirectional (delta p = 100%)
EPDM Membrane 8 bar (115 psi)
PTFE Membrane 7 bar (100 psi)

Higher working pressure may be achieved with different actuator.
Please consult a SED factory representative for working pressure
above the indicated maximum.

Max. working temperature:160°C (320°F) dependent on application

Control pressure:

Cf. 1 & 4 4,5 - 7 bar (60 - 100 psi)

Diaphragm material:EPDM or PTFE
Valve body material:Forged 1.4435/ 316 L ASME/BPE
Investment cast 1.4435/ 316 L
Other alloys
End connection:Butt weld ends see fold out page 21
Clamps and flanges see page 22 to 24
Special ends
Actuators suitable for:Two-Way bodies
Welded configurations
Multiport bodies
Tank bottom bodies
Flow rate:Kv in m3/h (Cv in GPM) 
Diaphragm size:MA 10
Weight:ca. 1,7 kg
 Technical data also valid for multiport valve.


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