Type 885 DN 80-100



แบรนด์ : SAMSON SED


Type 885 DN 80-100

The 885 is particularly suitable for shutting off and regulating abrasive or dirty fluids. The handwheel control and diaphragm seal provide precise and effective control, while reducing the risk of water hammer to a minimum.


• Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints
• Compact and lightweight construction
• High flow coefficient and minimum pressure drop
• Internal components in metal, totally isolated from the conveyed fluid, with
anti-friction disk to reduce friction to a minimum
• Modularity of the range: only 2 handwheel and 2 diaphragm and bonnet sizes
for 2 different valve sizes
• Handwheel that stays at the same height during rotation
• Bonnet fastening screws that crew into the built-in bush preventing the deposit of dirt or impurities
• CDSA (Circular Diaphragm Sealing Angle) system that, thanks to the uniform
distribution of shutter pressure on the diaphragm seal, offers the following

- reduction in the tightening torque of the screws fixing the actuator to the
valve body
- reduced mechanical stress on all valve components (actuator, body and diaphragm)
- easy to clean valve interior
- low risk of the accumulation of deposits, contamination or damage to the diaphragm due to crystallisation
- operating torque reduction

Technical specifications
Construction : 2-way diaphragm valve
Size range : DN 80 - 100
Diaphragm size : MA 80 - 100
Nominal pressure : PN 10 with water at 20° C
Temperature range : PVC-U: 0 °C - 60 °C - PVC-C: 0 °C - 100 °C
       PP-H: 0 °C - 100 °C - PVDF: -20 °C - 120 °C
       ABS: -20 °C - 80 °C
Coupling standards :
Solvent welding / Welding: EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493,
BS 4346-1, DIN 8063, NF T54-028, ASTM D 2467.
Can be coupled to pipes according to EN ISO 1452,
EN ISO 15493, DIN 8062, NF T54-016, ASTM D 1785

Thread: ISO 228-1, DIN 2999, ASTM D 2464,

Flanging system: ISO 7005-1, EN ISO 1452, EN ISO
15493, EN 558-1, DIN 2501, ANSI B16.5 Cl.150, JIS B2220

Reference standards :
Construction criteria: EN ISO 16138, EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493
Test methods and requirements: ISO 9393
Installation criteria: DVS 2204, DVS 2221, UNI 11242

Valve material : 
Body: PVC-U / PVC-C / PP-H / PVDF / ABS
Bonnet and handwheel: PA-GR
Position indicator cap: PVC

Diaphragm material : EPDM, FPM, PTFE  (on request NBR)
Control options : Manual control; pneumatic actuator


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