Pneumatic ball valve DN 8 – 100 (1/4“ – 4“)

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แบรนด์ : SAMSON SED


The Steriflu 342 is pneumatically operated ball valve with a piston actuator, alternatively single or double acting. The pneumatic actuator has an extruded aluminium housing with internal and external Alodur special hard anodization for corrosion protection.


– End connection extended butt weld ends or clamp ends
– Drainable design with “True ID port opening”
– V-ring stem seals 
– EN ISO 5211 mount plate ensures direct assembly of actuators
– Pneumatically operated actuator with optical indication as standard
– Standard seat material FDA compliant 21CFR177.1550
– Butt weld ends with controlled delta ferrit content
– Suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning processes
– Antistatic device


– Stroke limiter

 Technical Data

Control function: 

Pneumatically operated
Fail safe close (NC): Cf. 1
Double acting (DA): Cf. 3

Direction Control connection:  At Cf. 1 & 3, 90° to flow direction

Max. working pressure: 

Higher working pressure may be achieved
with different actuator.
Please consult a SED factory representative
for working pressure
above the indicated maximum.

Max. working temperature: 

180°C (356°F) dependent on application,
> 180°C (356°F) upon request.
For working temperatures > 100°C a
mounting kit with spacer between ball
valve and actuator is required!

Control pressure: 6 – 8 bar (87- 115 psi)

Sealing material: PTFE full cavity or half cavity filler
Ball valve material: Body/Ball/Cap CF3M (316L)
End connection:

Butt weld ends DIN 11850
Butt weld ends ASME BPE
Butt weld ends ISO 1127
Clamp ends ASME BPE

Surface finish:  Internal 0,6µm polished. Other finishes upon request.
Flow rate:  Kv in m3/h


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