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Static mixer - Bespoke
PRIMIX custom made static mixers are fully customized inline mixers that are totally adapted to the use and process flow. The static tubular mixers can be dimensioned for almost all volume flows, densities, viscosities and substance specific characteristics.

  • No moving parts (motionless mixer), gaskets and shaft seals
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maintenance free and no risk of leakages
  • Predictable homogenisation


Basic features
Static mixers – tubular mixer or motionless mixers are suitable for:

  • Liquids – mixing liquids
  • Mixable liquids, such as mixing water and alkali
  • Non mixable liquids, such as mixing water and oil
  • Liquid – gas mixing, such as water and CO2
  • Gas – Gas mixing, such as Flue gas and ammonia




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