Series GYW


Sight Flow Glasses

แบรนด์ : PLAST-O-MATIC


SERIES GYW • Wafer-Style Double Cylinder Wall Flow Indicators

Series GYW flow indicators utilize a double-wall construction and are used on flanged piping systems handling highly corrosive and ultra- ure liquids compatible with Pyrex glass. They cannot be used with hydrofluoric acid or sodium hydroxide as they will etch the Pyrex cylinder wall. Natural polypropylene ends are standard and are also the least expensive; however PVC, Corzan CPVC, PTFE and Kynar PVDF ends are also available. FKM seals are standard. These indicators will fit 11/2" through 8" smooth face standard companion flanges as well as DIN (European standard) flanges. Two flange O-ring seals are supplied; therefore, other gasket materials are not required. An optional fluttering device is also offered. Please consult page 4 for pressure and temperature specifications.


• Large 360° viewing area
• Series GY, GYW and GL have double wall Pyrex® and acrylic construction for maximum safety.
• Full flow design; no corners to collect debris.
• Wide choice of select plastic materials to assure maximum chemical compatibility.
• Designed to withstand reasonable external shocks.
• Little or no maintenance required.
• No special hardware required for installation; completely assembled and pre-tested.
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