Ultra Pure Gauge Guards/Instrument Isolators


แบรนด์ : PLAST-O-MATIC




• Non-contaminating, non-pigmented virgin Polypropylene or Kynar® (PVDF) material.
• PVC also available, if desired.
• In-line design eliminates “dead-leg” that can harbor bacterial growth and other contamination.
• True union ends enable easy installation and removal.
• Flexible elastomer spool assures accurate readings for pressure
or vacuum.
• Bleed port assures trouble-free filling.
• Unique Plast-O-Pure® gasket assures crevice-free sealing of the
end connectors.
• Food grade elastomers available on request.
• Various piping connectors are available to adapt to most connection systems existing in the marketplace.
• High quality 21/2" stainless steel gauge

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