Multi-Purpose Direct Acting Valves w/PTFE Bellows- Z-Cool Coil


แบรนด์ : PLAST-O-MATIC



• Unique Design: PTFE Bellows barrier-type dynamic seal prevents leaking of fugitive emissions to the atmosphere.
• Versatility: For use with virtually every type solution, including acids, caustics, solvents, chlorine solutions and ultra-pure liquids.
• Superior Performance: Over 2 million cycles in laboratory conditions. 
• Dependability and Safety: Patented Fail Dry® design provides visual warning if seal malfunctions. Avoids costly shutdown, as valve continues to function.
• New W24 Solenoid Coil: with Z-Cool DIN Connector uses a fraction of the energy required by traditional coils. Optional R24 coil available for intermittent service.
• Rated Continuous Duty: with maximum ambient temperature of 122ºF/50ºC.
• Coil Connector Light: Indicates when valve is energized (open). Standard on W24 coil.
• Corrosion Resistant: Rugged thermoplastic construction is resistant to both internal and atmospheric corrosion. no metal parts in wetted areas.
• Exacting Quality: All valves individually inspected and 100% tested to insure reliable operation.

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